Friday, August 1, 2008

An Alive @ Five Thanks!

Thanks to all of the Alive @ Five fans (and Southside Johnny and Billy Vera fans) for coming out these last two weeks and proving that Alive @ Five is a fun, exciting and safe place to see a FREE concert in Columbus Park. We like to see the restaurants and bars booming and everyone enjoying the music. We also appreciate everyone for helping out with the new procedures. We'll see you at Boyz II Men Thursday, August 7th!! Come early!!


KayO416 said...

The concerts have been great and I've had a BLAST at each one - never once have I felt unsafe! I hope you focus on the incredible praise from the majority of people rather than the bits of unrest from the few residents who choose to blast the concert series. Alive at Five is by far my favorite part of the summer. Can't wait for Boyz II Men! Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Alive @ Five concerts have been great this year! What a wonderful way to enjoy an evening, meet old friends, and just listen to the great music. Keep Alive @ five going...and please keep the variety of venues for all age groups to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I do hope you will be open to examining what went well and what could be improved. It seems like people are taking very extreme positions ("there's nothing wrong!" or "it's horrible!"), both of which help no one. An honest examination of the event's strengths and challenges, paired with a reasonable plan for addressing issues, will benefit everyone. Stamford deserves no less.

stamford downtown staff said...

Thanks for your comments. The DSSD, City, police and other major players have and will continue to meet regularly regarding the issues that have came about this year at Alive @ Five.

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