Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trivia Is Great If 'Njoyed -- (TIGIN)

Tigín Irish Pub and Restaurant, inspired by the environment of the Irish cottage, Tigín (meaning small cottage), is the perfect place to find comfort. And yes, I did. The Pub has this great following on Tuesday nights. And, at first I didn't believe the hype, but it was really true. I finally got out to enjoy a night of Tigin Trivia this past Tuesday night, and I have to say it has been the hightlight of my week. There is an outside patio where you can take in the crowd of passerbys, or you can venture indoors. It looks small, but it's not. It is quite a unique indoor space. At each turn there is what seems little hiding spaces. I know this because I was trying to find my friend. And although the place was packed, inside and out, it was still comfortable. The temperature was warmer than I would have prefered, but cozy--sorta like a hug. Nothing a nice cold beer couldn't cure. One things for sure, the trivia game was blast! When you first walk in you notice most people are huddled over their pieces of paper (the trivia) and writing feverishly. As the announcer would call out the questions, we would scramble to come up with the correct answer. I tried to cheat, but was unsuccessful. I was surprised at the large crowd. So many people. They needed a speaker system to announce the answers over the crowd (which is not loud because they are all concentrating on the answers). I met up with one friend, who knew a few other friends, and we grouped up to create a "winning" trivia team. I am not really a trivia expert, so I didn't really contribute too much to my group of eight, but we did pretty well overall, taking 5th place. Yippee.
Tigin is the hippest place to be--it's the central place on Tuesday night for sure. The atmosphere is warm and it's fun and exciting; can't wait to do it again.

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