Thursday, June 26, 2014

Alive@Five Concert info for newbies...

 Are you a concert newbie?  Is this your first time at a Alive@Five concert in Stamford Downtown?  Well, here are a few helpful bits of info to answer some FAQ...

What is Alive@Five?
Alive @ Five is an outdoor concert series with live music from national and regional headliners, which attracts after work crowds and families on Thursday Evenings, July 10-August 14, 2014 at 5:00pm, Columbus Park.   Columbus Park is the place to be during the summer as Stamford Downtown produces great music, great dancing and great times!  (Alive @ Five is presented on the Bud Light Stage is produced by the Stamford Downtown Special Services District and the City of Stamford. )

NEW THIS YEAR!  $5 @ 5!

Between 5pm-6pm: $5 Entrance Fee, $5 Beer & Wine.
Directions to Columbus Park can be found here.
For the schedule and more info visit  Alive@Five page on our website. 

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