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Announcing Horsin’ Around Stamford Downtown, Art in Public Places 2012 - Foursquare links too!

Announcing Horsin’ Around Stamford Downtown, Art in Public Places 2012

Horsin’ Around Stamford Downtown,
an exciting and interactive outdoor sculpture exhibit, will transform the downtown into a colorful equine environment this summer. Stamford Downtown has placed 40 oversized, originally designed and painted fiberglass horses throughout Stamford Downtown and the Stamford Town Center. The horses will be on display for free public viewing and enjoyment by thousands of area residents and visitors all summer.

In order to give the exhibit a more interactive aspect, Stamford Downtown has created a Foursquare page for each horse; allowing spectators to “check-in” at the location of each horse when they visit. The Foursquare application can be used on all smart phones
and its primary functionality is to allow people to share their locations with friends. However, there are other elements to the app, such as a point system for “checking in” at a new restaurant or becoming “Mayor” of a frequented location. These points and badges can earn users anything from a free coffee to a free night’s stay at a hotel. By sharing locations on Foursquare, users promote costumer reviews and impromptu social gatherings. Stamford Downtown successfully used Foursquare last year to promote their
summer sculpture exhibit and this year is taking full advantage of the new suggestion aspects Foursquare is bringing into play.
Horsin’ Around Stamford Downtown is also giving visitors of the exhibit the
opportunity to share their own pictures of the horses with the Stamford Downtown office.
People photographing the sculptures can create their own Facebook albums and using the
link at the bottom of the page can share it on the Stamford Downtown page, Visitors who are more inclined to use Twitter can
“tweet” the album link to @StamfordDowntown using the hashtag #horsinaround. For those
who don’t use Facebook or Twitter but still want to share their pictures of the exhibit, photos
can be emailed to Stamford Downtown at  Horsin’
Around Stamford Downtown hopes spectators take full advantage of these sharing
opportunities, as Stamford Downtown is always looking to create more ways for residents
to be involved in events. 

Horsin’ Around Stamford Downtown is the fifth exhibit of its kind produced by
Stamford Downtown, a non-profit organization responsible for managing and promoting
Stamford Downtown as the region’s destination for dining, entertainment, retail, housing,
and education. Stamford Downtown has assembled some of the tri-state’s most talented
artists to create works of art using the unpainted fiberglass horses. The artists werechosen
from a pool of 200 submissions through a juried selection process
After the summer-long exhibit, the horse sculptures will be rounded up and
refurbished for an auction.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Ferguson Library. 
Horsin’ Around Stamford Downtown builds on the enormous successes of past
interactive exhibits: CowParade Stamford 2000, Art-O-Mobiles in 2001, Stamford Safari in
2003 and It’s Reigning Cats & Dogs in 2010.  Those exhibits brought record -breaking
tourism and spending dollars estimated in the hundreds of thousands to the downtown and
over $400,000 was raised forcharities as a result of the four auctions. For more information
about Horsin’ Around Stamford Downtown, call 203-348-5285 or visit

Click here for a list of artists and sculptures .

A list of the horses and their Foursquare links below...

Sculpture             Foursquare Link
Skate Horse
Helios Horse
Book Ends 
Shimmering Stallion  
Carnical Escape
One Trick Pony
Horse Fleye
Rockin' Horse
Winner's Circle
American Beauty beauty/4fcf7ee710813a71e88ab724
Diva Gait    
Groom's Mare
Chasing Windmills windmills/4fcf8bda10813a71e88c9880
Sea Glass Horse
Hospitality Horse
The Ion Horse
Solar Horse Power
Poseidon's Creation
Horse Shoes
Equus Caesar
The Freedom Horse
Globe Trotter
Crazy Horse
Night Mare
Paisley Pony
Foal of Flora
Mane Attractions   
Horse & Buggies     

Charles Fazzino and Solaring over Stamford

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