Friday, March 30, 2012

Let the race begin --Horsin Around in Stamford Downtown...

poster artwork by Charles Fazzino

It's coming.....the horses are comin to town....

Horsin' Around Stamford Downtown
June-August, 2012
Horsin' Around Stamford Downtown, Art in Public Places 
Each year Stamford Downtown hosts a distinguished outdoor sculpture exhibit designed to attract both local and regional audiences.
Horsin' Around Stamford Downtown, similar to the Cow Parade, Art-O-Mobiles, Stamford Safari and It's Reigning Cats & Dogs, will be an interactive sculpture exhibit. 
Artists, through a juried selection process, will paint, sculpt and decorate fiberglass horses that will line the sidewalks and parks of the Downtown as well as the Stamford Town Center this summer.
Sculpture Opening Party
Wednesday, June 6, By Invitation, please go to stamford-downtown to request an invitation.

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