Monday, August 15, 2011

Who planted that new Broad Street garden?

Who planted that new Broad Street garden?
Thanks to a new partnership between Barnum Financial Group and Stamford Downtown, the median divider on this stretch of Broad Street has been selected to be the first of several new Stamford Downtown Adopt-a-Spots and has already been transformed from an unkempt afterthought to a bright, attractive garden.
For decades Stamford Downtown has managed the urban landscape by planting tending and and watering hundreds of hanging flower baskets as well as dozens of sidewalk planters, sidewalk parklets and city park gardens. Medians were primarily managed by Keep Stamford Beautiful Adopt-a-Spot efforts. Since the elimination of that organization two years ago, city-wide Adopt-a-Spots have gone largely unmonitored., thanks to the generosity of the Barnum Financial Group, the stage is set to ensure that this median is attractive and well groomed. "Every year Stamford Downtown dedicates significant financial resources to maintain the downtown landscape on the streets and in the parks. We've set a very high bar that we intend to maintain, so I'm pleased that Barnum Financial Group has stepped forward to help Stamford Downtown with the added responsibility of these Adopt-a-Spots" said Sandy Goldstein, President of Stamford Downtown. "I look forward to a continuing relationship with Barnum".

1 comment:

mr overnight said...

"this stretch" what strech?

Is there supposed to be a picture

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