Thursday, June 16, 2011

For a chance at love, Stamford couples use mobile gaming technology

EVENT LOGISTICS- Event Name: NAGI Jewelers Diamond Dash
- When:  Saturday, June 18th, 2011
- Description: A one-day, real world treasure hunt through downtown Stamford
- Prize: $12,000 Hearts on Fire Diamond Ring
- Kickoff: Butterfield 8 @ 10 am

- Teams of two will answer riddles and complete challenges right from their cell phones, as they follow clues throughout the downtown area
- It’s completely free to play but spots are limited
- Participants are encouraged to bring donation to support the 
- Register today at
Here's a video of a similar event we recently did in Houston: The winning couple got engaged on the spot!

I've provided a press release below and think that this would be a great story for your audience.  If you're interested, I can provide further details including quotes from participants and contact names for interviews.

For a chance at love, Stamford couples use mobile gaming technology
Locals search for a diamond engagement ring using their cell phones

 Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting task.  But instead of letting the cost of a diamond ring put their engagement on hold, local Stamford couples now have a new way to find a ring to put on her finger.
They’re using location-based, mobile gaming technology.
“We wanted to do something for the community that nobody else was doing” said Nagi Osta, owner of NAGI Jewelers.  “By embracing this new technology, we’re able to give away a beautiful diamond ring in a way that’s fun for everyone.”
NAGI Jewelers is the first Stamford jeweler to partner with the Google-backed mobile gaming company, SCVNGR. By developing a location-based game accessible via mobile phone, NAGI Jewelers is giving couples the ability to  follow clues from their cell phones throughout the city in search of a $12,000 Hearts on Fire Diamond Ring hidden somewhere in downtown Stamford.
To sign up for a chance to find the ring, couples are required to submit their love stories at <URL>  The diamond ring to be hidden is currently on display at NAGI Jewelers along with details on how to play.  NAGI Jewelers is located at 828 High Ridge Road in Stamford.
In addition, this free community event will benefit Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. Participants are encouraged to bring donations to support Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County efforts as the primary relief organization in the area. The Food Bank provides food to about 100 non-profit agencies and programs that serve low income people through groceries and congregate meals.
  To sign up for a chance to find the ring, couples are required to submit their love stories at On Saturday, June 18th, NAGI Jewelers Diamond Dash participants will meet in downtown Stamford to begin the hunt.  Teams of two will use their mobile phones to complete a series of challenges throughout the city in an attempt to earn the most points and win a $12,000 Hearts on Fire Diamond Ring.
About NAGI Jewelers
An established family jeweler, NAGI Jewelers has been serving multi-generations of Stamford Connecticut area families for 30 years. They specialize in the finest ideal cut diamonds in the world with the largest selection of bridal jewelry in the area. Their professional, warm, and engaging staff maintains a tradition of serving the community without compromise.
Founded in 2008 by a 19 year old Princeton drop-out, SCVNGR has grown into a mobile gaming company with partners in over 12,000 locations. SCVNGR is played by completing challenges from your cell phone at different locations to earn points that can be redeemed for real-world rewards.  SCVNGR is funded by Google Ventures, Highland Capital Partners and Balderton Capital.

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