Thursday, July 8, 2010

Are you a "Concert Newbie"? Here are some FAQ for Alive@5 concert goers...

Are you a concert newbie?  Is this your first time at a Alive@5 concert in Stamford Downtown?  Well, here are a few helpful bits of info to answer some FAQ...


What is Alive@Five?
Alive @ Five is an outdoor concert series with live music from national and regional headliners, which attracts after work crowds and families on Thursday Evenings, June 24-August 5, 2010 at 5:00pm, Columbus Park.   Columbus Park is the place to be during the summer as Stamford Downtown produces great music, great dancing and great times!  (Alive @ Five is presented on the Heineken Stage in partnership with Stamford Town Center, Hob Nob Wine, Patch Block Wine and  Bev Max is produced by the Stamford Downtown Special Services District and the City of Stamford. )

Directions to Columbus Park can be found here.

Where can I enter the festival area?
There is one entrance to the festival area, located at Main Street just east of Clark and Lower Summer Streets with multiple entry portals.

Who can enter?
You must be 21 and older to get into the concert area after 7 pm. Photo I.D. is required. If you are under 21 and arrive before 6:30pm, you are welcome to stay for the entire concert. Passports require a Second Form of Photo I.D.

Is there are charge to enter the Festival area?
There is $5.00 fee to attend the Alive @ Five Festival. ($10 on August 5) Children aged 12 and under are free, but must enter before 7pm. CASH ONLY.

What is a Restricted Items?
Attendees cannot enter with coolers, glass containers, alcohol, pets, dogs, video cameras or tape recorders. Backpacks and large bags are subject to police search. Please leave them at home

 Are there seats?
Seats are not provided.

Can I buy food?
Yes.  There is a food court available.  (Limited seating  in the food court area.)  To buy food, you will need to purchase food tickets from a Ticket Booth.  CASH ONLY.  You will need to purchase tickets to buy beverages as well - Soda, water, beer and wine.  Menu items include your usual pizza, hamburger, and more. A full menu is available to view at each ticket tent. If you want to sit at an Columbus Park outdoor restaurant or dine there, it would be wise to make reservations in advance.  Click here for a list of restaurants in the downtown.

Where do I buy Tickets for Beverages and Food?
There are two ticket tents within the concert area.  One is located right as you enter the area and other one is at the entrance of the Food Court .
Tickets can be used  at any time during the 2010 season.  CASH ONLY.  You will need to have an ID bracelet in order to purchase Beer/Wine Tickets.  ID bracelets are obtained when you enter the front. 
Beer/Wine is $7 each
Food prices vary, but a slice of pizza is $3 and a burger is $4.  Menus are available to view at the ticket tents.
(prices are subject to change)

Can I buy tickets in advance?

Where do I Park?
Parking information here

What time should I come?
The concert starts at 5pm.   If you are a fan of a particular band and want to be close to the stage, you should plan on being there when the concert starts.   

When does the headliner go on?
The concert starts at 5pm sharp.  There are usually 2 warm up bands, but the order in which they perform may change up to the very last minute. 

How long does the whole concert last?
An average concert lasts 41/2 hours. 

Is it rain or shine? 
Yes, it is rain or shine.  However, feel free to call 348-5285 or log on to our main website for the most up to date info should you have a question about the weather. 

For additional info, visit our events page. 
Please enjoy the concert responsibly and the respect others around you.  See you there!

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