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Stamford Announces First-Annual Walk to Work Day - April 7

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City of Stamford

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Stamford Announces First-Annual Walk to Work Day
STAMFORD, CT -- Thousands of Stamford residents and commuters are encouraged to walk to work on Stamford’s first annual Walk to Work Day on April 7, 2017, part of National Walk to Work Day. To mark the event, City officials and local organizations will gather at the Stamford Transportation Center Concourse between 7:30-9:00 a.m. to celebrate this public event with free coffee, snacks, safety education information and giveaways.

“National Walk to Work Day is a great step forward for Stamford to encourage walking as a healthy part of everyday life,” said Ted Jankowski, Director of Public Safety, Health and Welfare. “By finding a way to make walking part of your day, you are walking a path to a healthier lifestyle with proven health benefits.”

   “In Stamford we are committed to making it easier for people to use all modes of transportation, including driving, biking, walking and public transportation. Walking gets people out of their cars especially during key rush hours, improves the health of residents and provides important benefits to the environment. We hope that residents will consider walking to work as a healthy alternative to get around the City. Improving our streets and making them safe continues to be a priority for Mayor Martin and our department,” added Jim Travers, Bureau Chief from Transportation, Traffic and Parking.

The dense layout of Stamford within close proximity to public transit, shops, parks and jobs makes walking for short trips easy. Achieving safe streets is a top priority in Stamford. The Mayor’s Stamford Street Smart Initiative is supporting projects to improve the experience of non-motorists throughout the city, especially along main transit corridors like Washington Boulevard. 

In September 2016, the City participated in a Road Safety Audit through Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Community Connectivity Program, which is an assessment process that identifies safety issues and counter-measures to help improve safety and reduce crashes. According to the state DOT, the primary goal of the Program is to make conditions safer and more accommodating for pedestrians and cyclists, thereby encouraging more people to use these healthy and environmentally sustainable modes of travel. At the same time, these improvements will make Connecticut’s community centers more attractive and livable places to live and work. 

The City of Stamford has already begun implementing a number of counter-measures suggested by the program, such as signal timing updates along Washington Boulevard between Station Place and Tresser Boulevard, which is a major multi-modal corridor connecting thousands of commuters to jobs every day.

Walk to Work Tips:
  • Use Google Maps or other resources to plan your walking route
  • Stick to routes that feel safe and are well-lit
  • Wear supportive shoes
  • Be prepared for the weather
  • Carry a water bottle
  • Sweat happens, so be prepared to spruce up at work

Sponsors of Walk to Work Day include: the Stamford Street Smart Initiative, Stamford Health, CTrides, Stamford2030, and People Friendly Stamford. #stamforddowntown

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