Thursday, May 28, 2015

Intern Corner is back!!! Spring Intern Update #1 by Jamie and Angela

Spring Intern Update #1 by Jamie and Angela
Jamie & Angela

            Hi! Our names are Jamie and Angela, and we are high school seniors who got the amazing opportunity to spend the last five weeks of our senior year interning with DSSD. We are both interested in studying some aspect of business in college, so this was the perfect way for us to get a head start on what we hope to pursue in the future. Jamie is the Retail and Events intern, while Angela is the Marketing and Signature Events intern. 
            Over the past few weeks, we settled into our respective departments and helped out with the events each department was in charge of.  Jamie spent a lot of her time working on helping to finalize the ARTWALK Event, while Angela focused on planning the dinosaur sculptures around Stamford downtown, Dinosaurs Rule!, and the annual summer concert series known as Alive@Five. Last week was very exciting for Alive@Five: the line up was released! We are so thrilled that Andy Grammer, Shaggy, and many other popular artists are coming to perform! On May 27, the office was abuzz again when the Jazz Up July Line-Up was officially published.
where it all happens
A cool thing about this office is that there's a morning meeting every Monday where everyone comes around the round table and shares what they're working on for the week. That really brings a sense of closeness and community in this office because we get familiar with what everyone has to deal with, and everyone inputs suggestions.So far, we have been a part of two Monday meetings, and we look forward to the upcoming meetings!
Some highlights from the week of 5/18-5/22:
·       Angela got to go see the painted Dinosaurs for the Dinosaurs Rule! Exhibit last week. She participated in a behind the scenes photo shoot, and helped stage every dinosaur so the pictures would look great!
·       Jamie toured the new apartment building, 66 Summer Street!
·       We both stuffed envelopes (more Angela than Jamie) with Maryann and she took us on a field trip to the mail room in Landmark Building #1.
·       Angela tackled the Dinosaurs Rule! Script for the launch event.
·       Jamie worked on the ARTWALK booklet detailing each artist.

Dino photo shoot
These tasks kept us occupied and thoroughly immersed in the busy, fast-paced atmosphere of this quaint little office. We’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone who works here and to learn how Stamford Downtown operates. Jamie and Angela never realized how much work goes into each and every event and how passionate the Stamford Downtown staff is about upcoming events!

Stamford Downtown has so generously provided us with the opportunity to sample the culinary delights of the Landmark CafĂ©, so we decided to end our blog post, we would do a food highlights of the week:
·       Angela: Gyro – I rate this a 4/5 stars.·       Jamie: Grilled Cheese – I rate this a 4.5/5 stars. #stamforddowntown

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