Tuesday, April 14, 2015

my office notes #1...

This is a new series of blog posts I'm trying out that I'd like to call office notes.  It's a little  more personal, so we'll see how this goes. Throughout the month, I'd like to share little bits of  what happens, according to me, inside my office.  Like a fly on the wall. If you likey, let me know.  Or not. (cheryl@stamford-downtown.com)

So here's a snippet of what's going on.  Yesterday, I had time to catch up on emails from over the weekend.  I'm working on gathering information to publish for the next GUIDE.  (2014 GUIDE.) The GUIDE is an annual publication that lists and maps all the restaurants and retail in the downtown area.  It should be ready to distribute early May.  I'm working hard to make sure it stays on deadline. In a week or so I'll see a final proof.   The distribution list is almost complete and I still need to work on the memo that goes with it.

Went out at lunchtime yesterday.  Visited the Ferg Library.  The weather is getting nicer, so we are all taking a sigh of relief.  We are tired of shoveling.  And salting.  So this week, there some the spring blooms!  Our streetscape volunteers have planted the annual pansies around town and they are always nice to run into. 

Today, I'm gonna try to get it all done so I meet an old friend for lunch at Columbus Park.   stay tuned for more office notes. #stamforddowntown

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