Saturday, November 8, 2014

lunch at gastro bar...

Gastro Bar
78 West Park Pl


So usually, staff members and I go out to celebrate birthdays and this year was no exception.  The "winter birthdays" is a group I am happy to be a part of --  we are a great group of foodies.  With so many restaurants in the downtown it's usually a struggle to agree upon one, but we unanimously chose Gastro Bar since we hadn't had a chance to try it since it opened a few months ago. The name isn't what I'd usually seek out in a resto -- "gastro" What does that mean really?  Nonetheless, it was a terrific choice.  Not too crowded for lunch, so we were able to get in some good gossip - I mean "conversation" going.  Nice.
 I ordered the Prix Fix lunch special - an affordable $16.  They do tapas too, but I went all out prix fixe.   House salad, mashed potatoes, wilted kale and a seared piece of talapia.  It was a lot of food, and I ate it all.   A true testament to a good eatery is when I lick the plate clean.
We had desert too.  To blow candles we needed a sweet piece of cake, so we all shared a giant piece of tiramisu -- another yum notch on the belt.

I like this place.  I'll be back.


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