Monday, June 16, 2014

Stamford Downtown 2014 Summer Interns- Maddy's last blog post

It’s hard to believe that this is my last full week at DSSD.  We finally finished ripping all of the tickets for Alive @ Five and Jazz Up July – there must have been 20,000 tickets! With that task out of the way, the fun stuff really started. This would include Street Seats, which we just had a couple nights ago. The whole event was very enjoyable, especially given the fact that the weather, to everyone’s pleasant surprise, turned out to be perfect. Before the kickoff for Street Seats started, I got to do a practice ride on the tram which was definitely a unique experience. To be riding around an amusement park style tram in an urban city is whimsical to say the least. After doing a more important practice run with the van, Mahir and I went back inside the Stamford Marriott just in time for people to start arriving. There were kids coming in – such as the Flood Middle School artists who designed one of the first benches on the tour – and adults as well. It was a good mix of people which would hopefully provide a good mix of people between the van and tram tours. However, because of the weather, that was not the case. Everyone signed up for the tram tours, even if it meant waiting half an hour longer for the next open tram. Since the tram was getting so full though, there ended up being a little spillover with the van tours. I lead the first tour at 6:20, which turned out to be a whopping two people. One of those people was an artist – Daniel Adams, whose bench happened to be on the tour. It was definitely a relief to start off the tours with just two people although having one of the artists on the tour did add some pressure. Thankfully his name is easy to pronounce! As it got later, it was clear that the tram trend was not going to stop. This was fine and even understandable since, as mentioned before, the weather was beautiful. Overall, I found the event to be well put together and a good showcasing of the beautiful benches around Downtown Stamford.
Mahir, Maddy and Emily celebrating at Cotto
zeppoles with nutella at Cotto
  Another event I enjoyed this week was going out to lunch with the office. We were there to celebrate some birthdays, as well as celebrating our last couple days as interns here at DSSD. I was definitely flattered to receive a gift and a card. Of course the gift ($50 gift card) was nice, but I mean it when I say that the card was the better gift. Everyone wrote little messages which were really sweet and hopefully proves that I made a positive impact at DSSD. Thank you to Sandy and Annette for the gift and card, and everyone else that not only signed the card but also made my experience at DSSD as sweet as all the desserts we had. We must have had 12 desserts that we were all sharing at the table which says a lot about the people here at DSSD. I hope to be visiting the office again soon, but most of all I definitely plan to be going to all the events I now know about in Stamford

Editors note:  It was our pleasure Maddy! See you at the summer concerts.

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