Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meet our 2014 Stamford Downtown Summer Interns...

For the last few years, we have been blessed with a couple of high school summer interns, that work for a few weeks, or for the whole summer at the Stamford Downtown office. They are given school credit for participating and spend 30 hours a week on average engulfed in Stamford Downtown Summer Events.      
This year we welcome Maddy and Mahir.  Here's what our interns has been working on so far...

Maddy & Mahir during lunch time.
As told by Mahir...

As a senior at Greenwich High School, I spent a lot of my year looking forward to going on internship in May (a full month before the rest of the school finished classes). When I saw the list of choices for possible internships, DSSD was one of the few that really stood out to me. Helping with marketing, organizing, and planning special events that thousands of people would attend seemed like an enjoyable experience that would come with plenty of responsibility.

In these first few days, I have completed tasks such as creating season passes for Alive@Five, organizing documents for meetings and presentations, finding pictures of events to be used in media, organizing records for Stamford Tables, finding new outlets to list events online, and assisting with benches for this year’s Street Seats event. These jobs, as well as others, have been unique and I have enjoyed the variety.

Every day this week I have gotten more involved with the employees and the things that are going on, and I look forward to attending the events that I have learned so much about. There is almost always something happening that I can help with, so my time here seems to be going by very quickly. So far, this internship has been interesting and has shown me a lot about how an office such as this operates from day-to-day.

As written by Maddy...

Hi! My name is Maddie and I’ve lived in Old Greenwich, Connecticut my whole life. I am about to graduate Greenwich High School and continue my education at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. What made me gravitate toward interning for Stamford Downtown Special Services was the involvement with relevant social events around Stamford. Given that I live in Greenwich, I don’t attend as many events in downtown Stamford as I would like. Already I have learned of many events, such as the Artwalk, which I plan to attend.

Coming into this internship, I didn’t have many expectations though I hoped not to be glued to a desk all day. I was greeted with warm welcomes on the first day and immediately felt comfortable. To think that Stamford Downtown events can be run through such a small office and by such a core group of people is definitely impressive. My initial fear of confinement went away when I got a behind the scenes look at the artful benches that were part of the Artwalk. Even being in the office wasn’t and isn’t so bad since everyone is friendly and there are often people coming in and out. This keeps the office interesting and exciting. Furthermore, being able to watch how an office runs and sitting in on meetings gives me a great look at business in the real world.

As I am wrapping up my first week here, I am looking forward to upcoming events that I will be a part of and know that I took some responsibility for. I definitely can get used to interning here, none of which has to do with earning a free Alive at Five season pass…


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