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Started this past May, and all through the summer (and until it is too cold), the father and son team of Alex and Ryan Virvo host a lively and unique activity for kids.

KIDS DRAW FREE program is a great way for kids to build self-esteem while having fun. Officially starting at noon (but often as early as 10:30 am) and ending at 4pm, kids from ages 2-13 come to Kiwanis Park and create their masterpiece. This FREE program gives each participating child a pre-printed art frame upon which the child will draw their masterpiece using provided markers, DOTS, and sticker books.

After creating their art, kids get to describe (often at length) their art, and then rewarded in several ways. First, each child receives an "I AM AN ARTIST" sticker, then; along with their parents, they may take their masterpiece on tour to local participating restaurants. The tour is designed to reward the kids with great treats, such as pizza, cookies, ice cream, and other goodies simply by showing their masterpieces to the participating restaurants, all of which are within walking distance of Kiwanis Park.

 The tour is key, as children get to experience, that their art earns them a reward, and the looks on their faces afterwards is telling. They feel, proud, self-confident, and over time, it is clear that the activity builds their self-esteem, preparing them to become powerful adults.

The program, currently self-funded by the father and son duo, plan to seek funding partners to help bring KIDS DRAW FREE to more area parks.

The KIDS DRAW FREE event takes place every Saturday, noon to 4pm, and weather permitting inside Kiwanis Park and will continue this outside activity until it is too cold. (Tentatively November)

For additional information or you may contact Alex Virvo at 203-570-3598, or email

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