Monday, May 4, 2009

Behind the Scenes with... Duo

Changing Duo- It’s Now a Sushi and Tapas Place

Jimmy says- “Duo was originally opened as a way to offer a NYC quality experience in Stamford. A way to give something back to Stamford residents for being so supportive of my other restaurant (Plateau- now Thai Chi) for more than 7 years and a way to keep local wealth with- in Stamford, instead of just sending it to somewhere else.”

But lately Duo has changed into something even more exiting than the original idea.

It had and still has the coolest atmosphere and some of the best food around Fairfield County. A stunning green marble bar that most people can’t resist touching in wonder, as the centerpiece of the dining room, along with funky textured walls that are hard to miss, pretty much always take a central role in conversations around the tables, along with the “sparkly” floors and “crazy, fully automated” bathrooms.

Add to the atmosphere 2 (yes, two) separate kitchens that prepare incredibly fresh sushi, and innovative “nouveau” European cuisine and did I mention the bar that does seasonal cocktails like no others around here (try a cocktail called the Purple Rain, made with shochu, pomegranate juice and Thai Basil and you’ll understand) and you pretty much have an irresistible formula, if you happen to be into fun dining experiences.

However, what has changed, is this

Instead of preparing one ingredient in two separate ways like they used to, Duo has now morphed into a sushi and tapas place. Inventive Japanese and European small plates unlike anything you’ve ever had before, both served under one roof, being the big idea. The changes make dining out a little more affordable during these times and a lot more fun as well, because now instead of having to commit to a full traditional size entree, one has a choice to sample multiple items in one sitting, while sipping on drinks and just hanging out. They have something like 30 different tapas on their menu in addition to all the entrees, sushi, soups and salads, so you’re pretty much guaranteed not to run out of different options even if you ate there every day for a month. Anyway, they are new, exciting and friendly to boot, so go check them out, if you haven’t yet.

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