Thursday, August 8, 2019

Summer Intern Corner 2019

My name is Diana and I am a recent graduate of Stamford High School interning at the DSSD through the Mayor's Youth Employment Program. 
I am an incoming freshman at the University of Connecticut at Storrs in the School of Business. Being a business student, this internship was a great experience as I got to see first-hand everything (big and small) that goes into creating, planning, and promoting an event or product. I had the opportunity to do projects with multiple people in the office that all play different roles and have different responsibilities at the DSSD. So, I got a better understanding of how important communication is in an environment like this where all the smaller pieces have to fit together perfectly in order for the greater goal to be achieved. I had to make lots of phone calls which definitely improved my communication skills and I became more confident with every call. I also improved my written communication skills as I had to record survey data from events like ArtWalk and the Movie Nights at the park; and email with not only my co-workers, but with business managers all over downtown. Working people are very busy, so I had to make sure I gave information as clearly and as efficiently as possible. 
Finally, with a summer whose weather has not been very forgiving, I got to see the troubleshooting process while making difficult decisions about the summer concert series Wednesday Night Live and Alive @ Five. 
The DSSD office is a very welcoming and exciting place to be and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work here this summer before I enter the next chapter of my life as a college student. #stamforddowntown

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