Saturday, November 17, 2018

Does a Parade make you Hungry?

Does our Stamford Downtown Parade Spectacular make you Hungry?
Don’t forget that Stamford Downtown is filled with outstanding restaurants.

Here is a list of restaurants that are open on Parade Day!

Acuario Restaurant at 78 West Park Pl.
Atlantic Pizza House at 221 Atlantic St.
Bar Rosso at 30 Spring St.
Bar Zepoli at 75 Broad St.
Barcelona Restaurant & Wine Bar at 222 Summer St.
bartaco at 222 Summer St.
Bedford Hall Craft Kitchen & Bar at 135 Bedford St.
Bedford Thai at 77 Bedford St.
Blackstones Stamford at 101 Broad St.
Bobby V’s Restaurant & Sports Bar at 268 Atlantic St.
Bradford’s Grill & Tavern at 83 Bedford St.
BRICKHOUSE Bar & Grill at 244 Bedford St.
Brother Jimmy's BBQ at 112 Bedford St.
Buffalo Wild Wings at 208 Summer St.
Bull Pan at 485 Summer St. 
California Tortilla at 300 Atlantic St. 
Cantina Mexicana at 488 Summer St. 
The Capital Grille, Stamford Town Center at 230 Tresser Blvd.
Capriccio Café at 189 Bedford St.
Cask Republic at 191 Summer St.
The Cheesecake Factory, Stamford Town Center at 230 Tresser Blvd. 
Chez Vous Bistro at 188 Bedford St.
Chutni Biryani & Noodle Bar at 213 Main St.
Cilantro Restaurant Latin Fusion at 60 Atlantic St.
Coromandel at 68 Broad St.
Cotto Wine Bar at 51 Bank St.
Curley’s Diner at 62 West Park Pl.
EOS Greek Cuisine at 490 Summer St.
Fairfield Pizza at 87 Atlantic St.
Fiesta on Main at 249 Main St.
Fin II Japanese Restaurant at 219 Main St.
FISH Restaurant + Bar at 245 Bedford St.
Flinders Lane at 184 Summer Street
Franklin Street Works Café at 41 Franklin St.
Fuji at 94 Bedford St.
Garden Catering Downtown at 235 Main St.
GAUCHO Stamford at 78 West Park Pl.
Great Wall at 219 Atlantic St.
Hudson Social at 128 Bedford St.
InThai Restaurant at 83 Atlantic St. 
Kano Noodle Bar at 227 Summer St. 
Kashi Stamford at 131 Summer St.
Kati N More at 80 Atlantic St.
Kona Grill, Stamford Town Center at 230 Tresser Blvd.
Kyushu Ramen at 235 Bedford St.
Lorca at 125 Bedford St.
Lucky’s Classic Burger & Malt Shop at 209 Bedford St.
Navaratna at 133 Atlantic St.
Original Pappas’ Pizza at 201 Main St.
Peter Chang Stamford, Stamford Town Center at 230 Tresser Blvd. 
Plan B Stamford, Stamford Town Center at 230 Tresser Blvd. 
Quattro Pazzi at 269 Bedford St.
Remo’s Brick Oven Pizza Company at 35 Bedford St.
Riviera Maya Mexican Restaurant at 20 Summer St.
Roasted Sandwich Co. at 148 Bedford St. 
Sam’s American Bistro at Stamford Marriott at 243 Tresser Blvd.
The Sandwich Maestro Kitchen at 90 Atlantic St.
Sushi X II at 109 Atlantic St.
Teena's Apizza at 245 Main Street
Tiernan’s Bar & Restaurant at 187 Main St.
Tigin Irish Pub & Restaurant at 175 Bedford St.
Tomatillo Taco Joint at 114 Broad St. 
Verde Galerie at 79 Atlantic St. 
Volta Gelateria Creperia at 30 Spring St.
ZAZA Italian Gastrobar at 122 Broad St.
Fast Food:
16 Handles at 219 Bedford St.
Dunkin Donuts at 450 Main St.
Jenna Marie’s Deli at 459 Summer St.
McDonald’s Restaurant at 25 Bedford St.
Subway Sandwiches at 116 Broad Street


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