Thursday, November 8, 2018

Behind the scenes with the Parade Operations Team...

Behind the scenes--parade operations:

This is a three part series highlighting what goes on behind the scenes for preparation for our Stamford Downtown Parade Spectacular.  The Parade Spectacular is one of the largest helium balloon parades in the country, featuring everyone’s favorite giant balloon characters, award winning marching bands, and fabulous floats.  It takes over 1500 volunteers and staff to run the parade each year. 
Role: Operations Supervisor
Name:  Doug
Role Description:
Doug manages the set up of barricades, manages the crew and coordinates the street closings.

Pre-parade starts Saturday morning, as he gets ready for the inflation of the balloons (and an inflation party event that evening).  He manages the light towers and removal of all the traffic lights that are along the parade route.
Parade day, 50+ city workers arrive at 5am to start the barricade set up along the route.  This usually take a little over an hour.  Doug will then inspect to make sure it's all set before the crowds arrive.
During the parade, he makes sure the necessary roads are blocked with excess trucks around Hoyt St and the staging area.
Finally, post parade, Doug manages his city crew follow the end of the parade to quickly remove the barricade, start running the street sweepers and pick up any trash (and confetti) that line the route.  Last step is to replace the traffic lights to safety!

He has been working the Stamford Downtown Parade for over 15 years.  Maybe 20.  He's lost track.  : )
What he enjoys the most about the parade is that gets to see so many different people, from all over.  It brings a great amount of energy to the city, and everyone has a good time.  He said, "I love to see the kids enjoying the day and they are everywhere!"

To learn more about the Stamford Downtown Parade, click here..  #stamforddowntown

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