Thursday, August 9, 2018

Last MYEP Update 2018

Hey everyone, it's Paola. This is my last week with the Mayor's Youth Employment Program and the DSSD! This week, I was able to work on newsletter articles for future retailers in Stamford Downtown. I also participated in an exciting walk through where I got to meet several small business owners and get an inside look on what it's like to operate downtown. Finally, I interviewed the Vice President of Operations here at the DSSD, where I was inspired by his strive to advance Stamford Downtown. Before my internship, I never realized all of the different projects and efforts that go in to our Downtown district. There are so many different people and pieces working together to make Stamford Downtown so clean, efficient, and fun! Although I am excited to begin college, I will definitely miss my time here at the DSSD where I learned about the correlation between a happy community and a great Downtown. Thank you to everyone featured in this collage who made this last month so great! 

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