Friday, July 27, 2018

MYEP Intern Update #2


Hi everyone, it’s Paola again. This week has been very busy! I have been working on all the materials for the upcoming summer restaurant week. Did you know that there are so many different types of foods and restaurants to try in downtown Stamford? A perk of this internship is being able to see everything downtown has to offer between restaurants, parks, and events; I am getting a glimpse of it all. One of last week’s highlights included seeing the restaurants participating in restaurant week, and when I was able to sit in with the team who designs the marketing materials. It was cool to see a graphic designer take information about the event and make it into an eye-catching poster. I also was able to put together some graphs and numbers for the ARTWALK summary report which proved to be very useful.  Working here is really interesting and fast paced-as there is always something going on between preparing for Alive@Five or the various meetings that take place on a day to day basis. I like how everyone takes on a variety of tasks and helps each other out with projects; it makes for a really fun job!  #stamforddowntown

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