Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Intern Corner: Queries of the week--What are you contributing at your new job? What surprises have you come across? How did you deal with it?

Intern Corner: Queries of the week by Melanie

What are you contributing at your new job? What surprises have you come across? How did you deal with it?

At DSSD, there's a lot that needs to be done all the time. It's a fast-paced environment with something always needing attention. I think a good portion of my job is to make it easier for others to do their job. If there are checks that need to be sent out, envelopes that need to be stuffed, or people that need to be contacted usually that is my job. So, I think I've contributed in that I've made others more able to do their job, and to do it right. But I've also worked a lot on the Stamford Downtown directory and the Stamford Tables Concierge Book which is sent out to 40 hotels and office buildings in the area.

One surprise I've had while working at DSSD is the amount of trust they have in me. With a recent task, I had to go around to several restaurants to ask for their membership fees. I felt like this was a large task because I was chosen to represent DSSD in front of several restaurant managers. I tried to approach the job with a professional tone, but also a friendly attitude. Most of the managers were pleasant in return and were willing to help.

  In what ways in this internship allowing you to pursue your unique interest passions and curiosities? How have your feelings towards your job changed since you were first assigned to it/first started it? Have your potential interests changed at all? If not, how come? 

I have always been interested in how our community operates, what it takes to put on an event, and how to develop a city. By working at DSSD I've seen all the "behind the scenes" operations that allow events like alive@five, restaurant weeks, and A Grand Summer Night. I have learned how much time, effort, work and money goes into these events in order to make Stamford better.

When I first started working at DSSD, I thought it would be fun and kind of an event planning firm where everyone had their seperate branches. But it it much more than that. They do more than events. They do retail development, beautification, economic development, and cleaning services. They work together and share their responsibilities. Every Monday morning, they have a staff meeting. Every staff member takes the time to volunteer at Wednesday Nite Live Concerts and Alive@five.

Before I started this internship, my focus was in journalism and media. I still feel the same way after having this experience. I have seen what events journalists cover and how those events are put on.

Editors note:  And we thank you for all your hard work Melanie and Shania!


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