Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summer Intern corner is back for another year! Melanie's first few weeks:

 What is it like to be a summer intern with Stamford Downtown?  Melanie shares her first few weeks  experience.....

So far, I have really enjoyed working for The Stamford Downtown Special Services District. Like any successful business, it does get a little hectic sometimes, but overall I enjoy the pace. I also find it interesting to be informed of new development plans and events.
One challenge I have encountered is adapting to the way other people are organized and learning how to understand certain directions. I always try to follow up with several questions if I'm ever unsure about the task I've been given to avoid any confusion. I also find that prioritizing tasks helps get important projects done if I’m crunched for time. If I still have a few thing to finish up at the end of the day, sometimes I will stay a little later than 4 PM. During my first week, I realized that being part of a team is often times very helpful. Even having someone to talk to while stuffing envelopes really makes the job more fun. So, I learned to appreciate my coworkers.
I think my strengths are my dedication and my work ethic. One day I stayed after an extra hour in order to help out my boss. I think this shows dedication and responsibility because now I can be trusted with fulfilling large tasks. I think my weakness is my ability to become overwhelmed. I need to work on handling multiple tasks all at once.

Melanie, Cheryl & Shania

By: Melanie


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