Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stamford Downtown 2014 Summer interns- Mahir's last blog post...

Overall, my internship experience at DSSD has been great. I have learned how to become more responsible through completing many different types of tasks independently, and have been guided by very kind and fun people. I have gotten to see how many of the events in Stamford downtown are planned and have learned about the unique jobs that different people in the office have, and how they all contribute to the local area. One of the tasks that I completed here, giving tours on a van in which guests could see different art pieces around town, helped me become more comfortable speaking in public. Another task, helping with various decorations for different events, showed me how much organization and preparation is truly required in order to make plans go smoothly. Even small skills, such as working a copier or postage machine, were things that I had not done before coming here, and I learned just how important they are.

I think that much of my success and sense of fulfillment within this internship occurred because I was able to bring my determination from school into the tasks that I had to complete at the internship. I was eager to complete my jobs as efficiently as possible so that I could be very helpful to the staff in the office, and learn at the same time. Working and conversing with others in the office made the work that I had to complete feel more enjoyable, and was an important part of my internship experience. Through doing this, I realized that in the future I hope to have a career in which I can work regularly with others, as opposed to one in which I would be working alone all of the time. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to become a part of the DSSD family for some weeks.

(editor's note:  We'll miss you Mahir -- see you at the summer concerts!)


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