Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stamford Downtown 2014 Summer Intern update #2 - Mahir

As written by Mahir:
Mahir's selfie

During the past two weeks, I have learned a lot about the different events planned by DSSD, and how they affect the local community. I have had interesting experiences, such as purchasing fabric that we used to create tablecloths for the opening part for Street Seats in Stamford Downtown. Speaking of Street Seats, I have also spent a lot of time creating and assembling the scripts, directions and maps for the two different tours that will be running during the opening party. Recently, I was able to go around the and practice the tour that I will be giving during the opening party, and I got to see how all of the benches looked and where they were located. I am a fan of the Art in Public Places program because it allows artists to get a chance to contribute their talents and the works that they create are publicly available around the city for everyone to appreciate. This exhibit runs through the summer, and after it has ended the benches will be refurbished and auctioned off. A portion of the proceeds from this will be going to a theater group (Curtain Call) as well as The Palace theatre. .Here is the rest. During the past two weeks I have also been busy creating season passes and sorting tickets for two big summer concert series'--Alive@Five and Jazz Up July. These concerts attract thousands of fans and give the residents in the local area a fun way to enjoy live music during summer evenings with their friends and family. Another event that I have been hearing a lot about it Artwalk, in which locals can view art and participate in activities such as outdoor yoga and art classes. Something new that has begun this week is Truck in the Park, in which different food trucks come to Veteran's Park every weekday between 11am-3pm. There are tables, chairs, and umbrellas surrounding the trucks, and the trucks allow nearby employees or visitors in the area to eat a variety of delicious foods for lunch. I have enjoyed having different options from the few eateries near the office, and I can tell by the big lines that the local community is fond of the trucks as well. I am glad that I have gotten a chance to help out in many of these undertakings.#stamforddowntown

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