Saturday, May 12, 2012

Franklin Street Works Cafe - a quiet art space for lunch

Sandwich, soda and chips for lunch.  Sprinkle a little avant garde art in the mix for a different type of lunch hour.  No hussle bussle here; just a quiet hum from an artsy video playing in the other room.  Array of sandwiches. A bulletin board of recipes--feel free to use the copy machine if you see one you'd like to take home with you to try.  Adam, the head sandwich myster, makes a mean Cuban panini.  I had "The Club", which was a panini turkey, bacon, avocado and spinach creation.  Yum.  And I could hear myself think.  And absorb some culture.  So nice for a quiet lunch.   Here is the rest.

Franklin Street Works
Phone: 203-595-5211
41 Franklin Street A not-for-profit contemporary art space, café, and social gathering place showcasing original on-site and off-site exhibitions, artist projects, and innovative cultural programming.

John's lunch

cafe menu

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