Saturday, April 28, 2012

The new burger in town....Morelli Double Burger & Catering

So many burger places, so little time.  Can't let a good burger go unnoticed, so I jetted out of the office to try out Morelli Double Burger & Catering.  Not just burgers, as I found the menu expansive. You have to study it for awhile.  Many choices, such as salads, wings, hot dogs, fries, tacos - but burgers are their main squeeze now.  Mario the owner, known for his other former restaurant staples in the downtown, such as Morelli's Cafe and Morelli's Pizza, is a veteran of the restaurant business.  His burger concept seems to be all the rage.  I went during lunch time, so it was pretty packed.  In fact, I was lucky to get the only table left. There really isn't a view to be had inside, but you like you can sit by window bar and watch the pedestrians go by.  That's usually fun to do.  On warmer days, there's outdoor seating.

double burger (cheese, lettuce and tomato)  and fries

I had a "signature" double burger, topped with blue cheese and a side order of fries.  Tasty burger.  Reminded me of the burgers I'd make for myself when I came home from school.  It's a burger with an old fashion taste, and more.

Morelli Double Burger & Catering
$ 114 Broad Street Burgers, wings, quesadilla, nuggets, pizza, pasta, salad, soups and more.
Catering available.
Dine in or take out. Delivery available.

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