Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day from Stamford Downtown...

Share the love today; Spend your Valentines Day in Stamford Downtown. 

I saw this query in an Albany, NY Blog*, and was wondering the same for Stamford....
So I ask.....What do you love about Stamford Downtown? 
Do you love.....A special restaurant, or shop....Where you read or meet up with friends.  Just waiting for the bus on one of the downtown street corners. 
How about the flowers that pop up in the spring.  The tree lights during the holiday season. Maybe it's a special event. 

Tell me.  
We are making a list from your emails as to the top 10 things people love about Stamford downtown.  (List to be posted at a later date.)

Email  here.
 *source  http://www.downtownalbany.org/?utm_source=Downtown+Links&utm_campaign=b8afd5a207-Downtown_Links2_7_2012&utm_medium=email

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