Monday, March 14, 2011

Hair and Nails on Bedford Street, a 2nd floor view....

Are you looking for a place that does Hair and Nails with an upper view?   Reflections Salon, 227 Bedford Street- 2nd floor, has what you want.  You can get all your primping done in one place.
This past weekend I was downtown trying to squeeze a quickie manicure appointment into an already busy schedule and headed to Reflections Nails, inside Reflections Salon.  It's located on the 2nd floor right next to Lucky's.     I didn't get to do lunch, but I'll think about working that in next time.   
It was nice to see every hairdressing seat was taken with women having a cut, color or blow dry.  I've never gotten my hair done there, however, I'm told it's a good place.  Some hair salon clients wandered over from their chairs to get their nails done in between their wash and set; multi-tasking at best. 
This hair salon has been around for over 15 years, and until recently, added the nail salon.  Nestled up next to the window is the nail salon corner called Reflections Nails - Nails by Jenny....she gave me a "chair" right away (which is always nice when you don't have an appointment).  "Pick a color" she said.  Before you knew it, I was all polished!  Check it out. It's a nice bargin too -- only $7.
While under the nail drier, I gazed out through windows to the street below.  Witnessing  the pre-St Pats Day Pararde hustle-bustle from a safe distance was quite calming.     I asked Jenny if she has had a lot of business lately, whether busier from workers in the area or by residents nearby.  She said most of her clients are from local businesses.  She seemed to think that noone knows her nail salon is there.....that's until word gets out I suppose. : )
For me, today was just a manicure.  Next time, I'll add a haircut too.

Reflections Salon
Phone: 203-975-0900
Fax: 203-975-8323
Hair Care and Nails227 Bedford Street, 2nd Floor A full service hair salon which offers a
relaxing atmosphere and friendly and knowledgeable staff. New addition-- Nails by Jenny.

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