Saturday, February 19, 2011


 If you have heard those words, you probably have been in the presence of our master photographer, Wah Leong. owner of Happyhaha studios.  Need a wedding photographer? or for a  sweet sixteen ? or for any special occasion, he's got your lens. Wah is the onsite man;  not only does he brave our hot summer concerts with awesome shots of the performers and massive crowds,  he shivers in the cold as he shoots our many parade units and happy spectators at our UBS Parade Spectacular . (see slide show on the side of this blog)You can check the happyhaha website to find yourself at one of our concerts, or check out the Stamford Downtown Events Facebook page and tag yourself.    
Happyhaha Studio
Photography 125 Bedford Street Digital and conventional photography at its finest.
The perfect way to document the special events in your life.
Corporate or private parties, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and more.

wah and me

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