Saturday, January 28, 2012

The rainbow over Trump Tower

The rainbow over Trump Tower

This shot was posted on the Stamford Advocate website. It's so lovely, we wanted to share.


Friday, January 27, 2012

DSSD in the news.....Stamford FourSquare Badge? - Stamford411 - The Advocate

Do you spend a lot of time hopping around the city of Stamford? Well, if the city’s Downtown Special Services District gets its way, you’ll soon be able to enjoy a digital reward for your gallivanting, courtesy of Foursquare, a social media website that enables users to “check in” to their current location.
The DSSD is campaigning to earn a Foursquare badge for the city of Stamford. Foursquare badges “are little rewards you earn based on your check in habits (for example, frequenting too many karaoke bars, eating lots of pizza, taking your kids to the playground).”

Earlier this week, Foursquare made this announcement in a blog post:
As part of President Obama’s announcement to boost tourism in the U.S., the White House called on folks around the country to share what makes their city or town a great place to visit. Well, we want to know too! Inspired by the #visitUS initiative, we’re putting out a call for foursquare lists with all the best spots in your city. We’ll pick the three most amazing ones and creating foursquare city badges for them!
read more at:
Stamford FourSquare Badge? - Stamford411 - The Advocate


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Save a life...celebrating 5 years today!

Save a life...celebrating 5 years today!

napa & co.

Five years today...I was a kidney donor to my friend Seth Berger.

I've never been one to stand on a soap box about this topic because I always felt it was a personal and private decision. However, I am so excited to celebrate five years that I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the gift of giving. It was such a rewarding process that perhaps someone else might be inspired to do the same.

It hit me this morning as I was driving my daughter to school what an awesome feeling it was to give someone life. It was so empowering. She asked me to recall the event as she saw the reminder come up on my phone "Happy Anniversary!" She was 5 years old at the time and I explained I gave both my girls a bath that night and spent some time explaining that mom was going into the hospital in the morning but I was not sick. I was going to help a friend that was terribly ill and had two young boys just like my little girls. I described that I had two kidneys and would be giving him one and my little 5 year old said, "But you have two kidneys because you have two girls." I smiled and said, "Yes, but one day someone will do the same for me if we ever need one."
In October of 2006 (during construction of Napa), I heard both of Seth's kidneys were failing and in serious condition. I spoke to his mother who explained that several family members were not a match. His blood type was a difficult match and the odds were 1 in 5,000 that he would find a match. Seth was not family nor was he one of my best friends but he was a friend...period. I couldn't stand by and say, "Good luck on the wait list. I hope it works out for you." I didn't quantify our friendship. It wasn't about how well I knew him or how many years. He needed help. It was and always will be that simple. My instinct was to start the testing process and let the results speak. On December 6th, I got the call.
I was a match. 
It was snowing that morning and it was scary. What if something happened? I had gone through MRI, CT scans, endless blood work, tissue match, psychological testing and interviews to get to this day. The surgeon said to me, "Up until that last second you can back out. I will make up a reason for you but don't ever feel you have to go through with it." That wasn't an option to me. I followed my instinct from day one.
I was released in two days and back to work in 4. It has resulted in zero changes to my lifestyle and my health. It has resulted in infinite feeling of pride and satisfaction to see him happy and healthy today. Second to having my children, it was the most rewarding experience of my life. Seth gave me a gift this day 5 years ago. There is no better high than the gift of giving. 
Thank you Seth.    

FYI: 350,000 people in the United States are on the wait list for a kidney. 67,000 people die every year of kidney failure while waiting for a donor.  
- from Mary at napa&co. 



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Annual Hot Stove Report with Boston Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine

Annual Hot Stove Report with Boston Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine  Sunday, January 29, 2012
5:30 -7:30 PM; Doors open at 4:45 PM

Rippowam Middle School (building where Bobby went to high school)
381 High Ridge Road
Stamford, CT

Win Red Sox tickets, autographed items and more!
$40 in advance; Tickets available at Bobby V's Sports Gallery Cafe in Stamford or online at
$50 at the door

For more information contact:
Ed Randall at 917-856-7545
John Lupton at 914-525-0463 or via email at

For more information about Fans for the Cure go to:

Through the world of sports and athletes, increase the awareness of prostate cancer in men and educate them and the people who lovc them about the most current techniques in treatment, prevention and early detection


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stamford Downtown and the South End in the news.....

We've been getting alot of questions about what is happening in the South End, so here it goes....

Op-Ed: Master Plan, not DSSD, says no full service hotels in South End

Sandy Goldstein, President of the Stamford Downtown Special Services District.
Published online 04:11 p.m., Friday, January 20, 2012 and printed Sunday January 22, 2012
The headline in last Sunday's Advocate calls the differences in positions between the Downtown and the South End vis-à-vis hotel development a "civil war." This headline might sell papers, but distorts a respectful difference between two important parts of the city: the Downtown and the South End.
Stamford Downtown is very pleased with the development occurring to the south of us and realizes that it will benefit the entire city. And I believe that the South End is equally pleased with the vitality that is part of its northern neighbor. As a matter of fact, on Jan. 3 the principals of Building and Land Technology and the Downtown Special Services District met, at Stamford Downtown's request, to articulate and understand each other's positions. After lengthy discourse, we amicably agreed to disagree.
One may ask, "Why is the DSSD in opposition to BLT's desire to build a full service hotel in the South End?"
The answer in a nutshell is.....

that the Master Plan, the city's blueprint for development, establishes that the Downtown will be the area of the city with the most intense development. This position was affirmed in 1977, reconfirmed in 1984, again in 2002 and again in 2007. For the past 35 years, this plan has been consistently upheld by city land use boards and has in turn greatly contributed to the successful downtown we have today. Adherence to the Master Plan ensured that a critical mass of offices, entertainment, full service hotels and retail would create a strong city center and prevent the fragmentation that cities like Norwalk, Danbury and those in southern New Jersey have experienced.
A full service hotel, designated by the Master Plan exclusively for the Downtown, is one of the prohibited uses in the South End. Smaller, boutique hotels like the Marriott Courtyard (with no banquet facility) are allowable. There are 150 other allowable uses in the Zoning Regulations designed to activate the South End. However, a full service hotel, i.e. a hotel with a convention center/banquet facility (ballroom), is expressly prohibited. Yet, this use was slipped into a site plan approved in 2008, when the Zoning Board mistakenly approved a prohibited use.
Now that BLT is requesting a major change to its 2008 plan, asking for seven additional stories to the hotel and 50,000 more square feet of space, it is time for the Zoning Board to say, "No." The Zoning Board should insist that all developers play by the same rules. BLT could choose to return to the Zoning Board and ask to amend the regulation that prohibits a full service hotel on the site.
It has been claimed by some that the DSSD's concerns are anti-competitive and intended to protect Downtown hotels. Once again, I refer you to the city's primary land use document, the Stamford Master Plan, which enumerates where full service hotels can and cannot be located. In 2008, when a full service hotel (the Ritz Carlton) was proposed for Atlantic Street in the Downtown, the DSSD was a vocal supporter of the application; as was every other hotel in the downtown. The difference between the Ritz Carlton's application and the South End application is that under zoning regulations the one in the Downtown is allowable and the one proposed for the South End is not.
Please remember, it is not the DSSD or some Downtown property owners who determine the type and location of hotels that can be built. It is the city of Stamford's land use regulations that govern such use and placement.
Sandy Goldstein is president of the Stamford Downtown Special Services District.


Monday, January 23, 2012

This is the Place!

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Have ideas or comments you'd like to share?  Send them to Cheryl,


Friday, January 20, 2012

Art at The Ferguson

Art at The Ferguson

Art Reception
"Tropical Paradise"
Thursday, January 26
6 to 8 p.m.
  Main Library Auditorium Gallery

A juried multi-media show
Wine and cheese reception
 Exhibit runs through May

Sponsored by
The Ferguson Library and the Stamford Art Association
  For more information call 203 325-1139


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Horsin' Around Downtown, Stamford Downtown 2012

A Call to Artists for
Horsin' Around Downtown
Who: The Stamford Downtown Special Services District is calling all artists to submit designs for Horsin' Around Downtown for jury and possible sponsor selection and exhibit inclusion.

What: Horsin' Around Downtown, similar to the Cow Parade, Art-O-Mobiles, Stamford Safari and It's Reigning Cats & Dog, is an interactive sculpture exhibit.  Artists, through a juried selection process, will paint, sculpt and decorate fiberglass horses that will be displayed throughout Stamford Downtown June through August, 2012.

When: Applications are due to the DSSD office on Friday, February 10, 2012.

For an application visit the event calendar at or call 203-348-5285


Friday, January 13, 2012

Taste of Stamford 2012-- Save the date for Feb 16

  It's a Stamford foodie extravaganza!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Alive@5 2012 - are you ready? Wanna play? Submissions are now being accepted....

2012 Application For Opening Bands/Artists
Stamford Downtown - Summer 2012
Bandapalooza: May 18 / Alive @ Five : June 14, 21, 28, July 12, 19, 26, August 2
Please fill out form at www.stamford-downtown. com. All submissions must be post marked by March 15, 2012!

2012 Application Info For Opening Bands/Artists:

Bandapalooza is a one night battle of the bands contest held at
various venues throughout Stamford Downtown. 12 bands are chosen
to compete for three opening spots at Alive@Five. The three winners
are chosen by a combined vote: 50% official jury and 50% public
vote via our online voting system.
Local and regional bands are encouraged to compete and must be
available to perform on all of the following dates: May 18
(Bandapalooza), June 14, June 21 & June 28 (Alive@Five). There is
no monetary compensation for any performance dates however
potential exposure for the artist(s) is significant. Artists that have won
and performed at Alive@Five in the past are not eligible to compete
Alive@Five is a seven week music series featuring national
headliners and attracting crowds averaging 8,000 concert attendees
each week. Local and regional artists support the national headliner
each week, providing multiple opportunities for up and coming artists
to share the bill with established and recognizable names. Applicants
must be available to perform on any or all of the following dates:
June 14, June 21, June 28, July 12, July 19, July 26 and August 2.
There is no monetary compensation for any performance dates
however potential exposure for the artist(s) is significant. Artists that
have performed at Alive@Five in the past are not eligible to perform
For more information on either Bandapalooza or Alive@Five please

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Selkowitz named Citizen of the Year - StamfordAdvocate

artie selkowitz
Check out Mr. Selkowitz named Citizen of the Year - StamfordAdvocate


Monday, January 9, 2012

Did you see our awesome ad in the Advocate this past Sunday, 1/8?

 Email your questions or comments to 


The Avon Theatre’s 2012 line-up for Legends of Rock Live

The Avon Theatre’s 2012 line-up for Legends of Rock Live

At 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays once a month from January through June 2012, music archivist Bill Shelley will present our Legends of Rock Live series featuring rare concert footage from some of the greatest musicians of the past 75 years. On January 12th see “Janis Joplin and The Women of Rock,” featuring footage of Joplin, Linda Ronstadt, Aretha Franklin, Grace Slick and more. On February 2nd view rare Billy Joel clips from the 1960s -1990s. On March 1st we will screen archival footage of the legendary Neil Young and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young between 1967-1985. On April 5th see twenty years of Queen and Freddie Mercury footage. On May 3rd see and hear the legendary Frank Sinatra and on June 7th, back by popular demand, additional footage from The Grateful Dead. Ticket pricing is as follows: Carte Blanche: Free, Members: $6, Students/Seniors: $8, Nonmembers: $11.
ABOUT THE BILL SHELLEY: As a filmmaker, Bill Shelley has been shooting professionally since the 1970s when he captured on film and video bands such as Twisted Sister and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts playing in small bars before they became famous. Shelley later associated with rap group Public Enemy (PE), going on to direct a number of their videos and become an honorary member of PE’s African American Media Network cable television studio. Shelley Archives was started in 1985. After working with Readers Digest Entertainment in 1990, the company’s end product was nominated for an Emmy in 1993 for the three-part series “Legends of Comedy.” The program was broadcast on the Disney cable network and home video sales exceeded a record-breaking 1 million copies sold. Today the company has over 100,000 reels of original 35mm and 16mm films in its archives and over 10,000 hours of rare concerts, television shows, promos, interviews, out-takes and home movies from a wide-ranging variety of subjects. The company has licensed them to numerous documentary projects throughout the world. Preservation of films and music clips is a main focus of the organization, as well as the desire to compensate the artists.

ABOUT THE AVON: The fully restored Avon Theatre, features the best of independent, documentary, foreign films and Hollywood classics, and educational programming that enhances the cultural richness of the Stamford community. The Avon is a non-profit, member-supported organization that has been described as an eclectic and whimsical picture house. The theatre is highlighted by an original exterior facade, framed by a restored vertical "AVON" marquee that lights up the Connecticut sky at night. The theatre is bestowed with interior murals that were commissioned by a local artist, Oscar Glas. Glas' murals evoke a sense of local history by paying homage to the early settlers and Native Americans of coastal Stamford.

Avon Theatre Film Center
272 Bedford Ave
Stamford, CT 06901

Box Office: (203) 967-3660
Business Office: (203) 661-0321
Twitter: @avontheatre


Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Faces and Figures" at the Stamford Art Association Townhouse Gallery

The Stamford Art Association's first 2012 exhibit will be
"Faces and Figures" at the Stamford Art Association Townhouse Gallery, 39 Franklin St, Stamford. CT
The exhibit dates are January 15- February 9 and the opening reception is Sunday January 15 4-6.
Anne Salthouse, artist and instructor,  is the juror for this multimedia show featuring 30 artists and their representation of faces
and figures.
Gallery hours are 11-3, Thursday/Friday and 12-3 Saturday/Sunday.
Admission is free.

For further information or 203 325 1139


Established in 1971, the Stamford Art Association is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose members include painters, sculptors, printmakers, and photographers.  Its mission is to provide a forum where artists can exhibit their work to the community and compete in juried shows.  Annual competitions have attracted prominent jurors from art institutions in the surrounding areas and New York City, including the Whitney Museum, Metropolitan Museum, Christies, Bruce Museum, and Museum of Modern Art. 


Sunday, January 1, 2012

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