Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks for the giving....

SHOPPING!!! Yes, that's what I wait for all year long. The day after Thanksgiving must be the best shopping day for everyone. It is for my family. Most of us don't get up at the crack of dawn that way my husband does, to be the first on line, but it works. Last year, my husband, who will remain anonymous, was shopping at Stamford Town Center at 4am!!! Crazy stuff. He is able to give the best gifts that way. I have to say that if you want to get the best bargains--be there or be square. If you are on a budget, which we always are, you have to watch what you spend. Getting the "black Friday" bargains are the best way. Check out Stamford Town Center for their specials at http://www.shopstamfordtowncenter.com/offers.html


Monday, November 17, 2008

The Parade is coming!!!

Finally...I am so excited!!! The UBS Parade Spectacular is this weekend--Nov.23. First, I plan to see the super big balloons inflate from 3-6pm at Summer Street at Hoyt. The inflation event precedes the wonder of what happens the next day. There is something magical about being right next to a gigantic balloon that reminds you of childhood. I love seeing all the old balloon favorites, but yet, being surprised by the new ones. Go figure. Everyone has a favorite, but my personal favorite is Clifford the Big Red Dog--especially when he makes his way down the Parade, and pauses to take..... Here is the rest.

a sniff of the crowd. That's when the crowd goes wild.

Grand Marshal this year is Tommy John, who is a classic baseball great and present manager of the Bridgeport Bluefish. And if you watched this season's America's Got Talent, you are in for a treat 'cause the ZOOperstars are going to walk the parade route! Among the many new balloons, Mighty Mouse, Mr. Potato Head, Paddington Bear and Underdog will make their debut this year. Master of Ceremonies, Alan Kalter from the Late Show with David Letterman will be at the Grandstand and Award winning marching bands will add pizazz to the day. Look for the Marching Knights from Uniondale High School, 140 members strong and filled with talent. In addition, Westhill and Stamford High School marching bands will march along with bands including NYPD Emerald Society Pipe & Drum Band and other marching bands from all over Connecticut and New York. And Teen Pop Star, Tiffany Giardina will be performing.

So, don’t let the parade pass you by, step off is at 12 Noon on November 23rd
in Stamford Downtown.


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