Friday, November 30, 2007

Bennett's Big Time

Know where I went for some fun after the Parade last Sunday? A private party at Bennett's Steakhouse! For several years, some of us celebrate our wonderful Parade experience with Anthony (the owner). This fun loving, yet super tired, hard-working group still had energy to party. We had a mix of appetizers and fun finger food, but I don't even think the enjoyment came so much from the yummy food as it did the atmosphere. The "space" makes it the perfect setting. The rooms are perfect for holding big parties, and quite conducive to mingling. Personally, I like sitting by the front window and watching the people come and go. If you are looking to book a holiday party, Bennett's would be a good choice....


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kona Grill--not just a taste of Hawaii in Stamford Downtown

A group from my office got together for a fun lunch yesterday. With so many great restaurants downtown, it wasn't tough to find a great lunch spot. Located on part of the site of where the old Filenes used to sit, among a long list of new restaurants, is Kona Grill. It is a tough pick from all the new ones, but this time Kona Grill was the choice. You would think it was just a seafood/sushi restaurant, or something Hawaiian, but not at all. The menu offerings were very diverse. With a large outside seating area (heated by the way, and with a cozy fireplace), and roomy dining area (with a wall-long exotic fish tank), we had no trouble being seated. What did I order you ask? Well, I ordered the Sushi Sampler (a few pieces of sushi a salad) and a miso soup. Which was super fresh, and I loved it. The rest of my office buddies ordered an assortment of meals: One of particular note was the adorable Caterpillar Roll--which looked like a real caterpillar! Pan-seared ahi, chicken tacos, and the Hana chicken salad; the menu has a lot to offer and quite satisfying for all. For dessert, we all shared what seemed like a slab of brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Very yummy. Great service, and a nice lunch experience. Kona Grill is a nice addition to Stamford Downtown.....


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