Monday, October 29, 2007

Target, Tiernan's

Yes, I waited till the last minute to by a Halloween costume for my daughter. Shame on me. So, on this past Friday night, a rainy one I might add, we ventured downtown to Target. What a great addition to the area. Target has pretty much anything and everything. They had a huge selection of costumes. So, after our little shopping excursion, we were famished. Looking for a fun place to go, I took my daughter over to Tiernan's (Tiernan's Bar & Restaurant, Phone: 353-8566.) Known for it's partying crowds during the Alive @ 5 concert series, it is also known to serve Irish food and the menu offered some good munchies too. Our dining experience started with sauteed mussels and an order of crab cakes. That was okay, but we needed, we ordered their special fish and chips from the adorable Irish Waiter. It was just what we needed to fill our bellies. The place was a bit busy and loud, so it wasn't ideal for conversation, but it was ideal for enjoying the food and music. Target and Tiernan's helped to make our evening a fun "Mother and Daughter" outing...


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Il Falco has a few new offerings...

So, after work, I dropped by one of the "staple" Italian restaurants in Stamford Downtown-- Il Falco. It was a lucky night for me, cause in their upper level party room, they were showcasing some of their new appetizers--and I was invited! Shrimp, rice balls, stuffed zucchini flowers and more. And I must say, it was delish. Among the baked clams and stuffed mushrooms, were the perfectly grilled baby lamb chops. Just delectable. My favorite, by far, was the roasted fig with melted mozzerarella cheese wrapped in procuitto--WOW. Close your eyes and imagine how great a taste, cause it was super. Visit Vinny at Il Falco, and enjoy what most loyal Stamford residents already know--if you are seeking a truly unique experience in Italian dining, your wish will be fulfilled here, in the heart of downtown Stamford.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Don McLean on YouTube

As we look forward to the UBS Parade Spectacular, I wanted to take a step back and enjoy the past summer in Stamford Downtown. Sister Hazel kicked off the Alive@Five concert series ending with a Don McLean performance to a packed crowd. One lucky spectator caught in on their camera phone. Click the link below to see McLean's American Pie sendoff to the Stamford fans.


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