Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday at 5 Commentary by Ops2: My random review of what's happened and what might be happening....

You asked for more and I'm delivering....This blog post is different than my usual post.  I'm starting a series of 4  "conversational" blog posts.  Hope you like...this is more like a simple summary from my head of what has happened around the downtown recently and maybe a bit of what to look forward to,

So not a lot happened in January.  Except, we had our first snow of the year, which threw us for a loop. We were all whining about the warm weather, and lack of winter,  and then we WACKed with snow. We didn't get it as bad as NYC and good thing it quickly warmed up. All the snow melted.

The groundhog indicated to us to expect an early spring.  It began to feel like spring, and then not! Then came ice, then wind, then more snow, then marginal warmth.  Ugh. Gotta love it.

What I think of February so far....Well, I'm looking forward to going out to a new restaurant for Winter Restaurant week.  I think this time I'll try some Mexican/South western cuisine, perhaps Cantina.  The Advocate wrote a piece about the other day.  It's always nice to dine on Bedford Street cause it's so easy to do dinner and then catch a movie at the Avon.  I've been wanting to see Anomalisa, which seems like it would be a cool animated movie.
A few weeks ago I was able to check out all the showings for the nominated shorts and animated shorts (also playing at the Avon Theater.) Emotionally moving: No Disneyland happy ending, which is what you think when you plan to sit for an animated film.   I expect Anomalisa to be the same kind of different.    Check out the whole schedule here.  

That's my short take on Jan & Feb so far...
Got an idea or debate that you'd like me to expand upon, shoot me an email  #stamforddowntown

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