Friday, September 6, 2013

Looking for work? DSSD is looking to hire...Public Space Planner

Job Posting
Position: Public Space Planner
The Stamford Downtown Special Services District is a highly visible, community-oriented, non-profit Business Improvement District responsible for creating, managing and promoting a quality environment for people, which enhances the economic vitality of Stamford Downtown.
In the past two decades Stamford Downtown has evolved from primarily office and retail uses into a classic mixed-use community.  Cultural, entertainment, educational and lodging uses have seen significant growth while residential use has increased exponentially.  The result is a diversified commercial core that attracts residents and visitors as well as businesses. 
Yet the downtown still lacks a cohesive sidewalk and street experience on foot or by vehicle.
We are seeking an individual with urban planning training and/or background to identify and foster implementation of projects to revitalize public spaces in Stamford Downtown.

Primary job responsibilities:
  • Identifies potential streetscape/circulation improvement projects
  • Prioritizes projects by urgency, cost, value, feasibility, etc.
  • Works to mobilize the business community, and the community at large to support improvements
  • Advocates project implementation to community, city, state or other public entities
  • Facilitates project implementation
  • Fosters timely project implementation
  • Projects may include but are not limited to sidewalk/street design, parking design and management, public parks design and management, mass transit, bike-ability, traffic calming and wayfinding.
·       Bachelor’s Degree or higher
·       Excellent oral and written communication skills
·       Ability to establish rapport with community organizations, municipal employees and elected officials
·       Ability to understand public policy and processes to effect change
·       Ability to initiate work as well as support the efforts of a team.
·       Ability to plan and prioritize work flow
·       Ability to work with a high level of accuracy
·       Ability to work flexible hours
Normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, plus late evening board meetings as necessary.
All Stamford Downtown staff work events including but not limited to:
  • Alive at Five – Thursday nights (dates TBD) late June through early August.
  • Holiday Parade Spectacular – One full day on the Sunday preceding Thanksgiving.
  • Annual Dinner – Mid-June weekday evening
  • Sculpture Exhibit Opening – Mid-June weekday evening
  • Grand Summer Night – Mid-August weekday evening
Salary: Mid to high 30’s with benefits

Interested? Email resume by Sept. 30, 2013 to  
(Subject line should read: Public Planner position from blog post)

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