Friday, March 27, 2009

Jerry Springer comin to town

As recently published on the Capitol Watch/CT Politics website, it's quoted that NBC Universal is negotiating with the state to help build a large television production studio at the Rich Forum Theater. The deal would create 150 to 200 jobs and an initial infrastructure investment in excess of $3 million to the state.
"This is terrific news for the state and for Stamford - it will bring much-needed jobs, revenue and excitement and we're proud as a peacock to pull it off," Jodi Rell said in a statement. "This is good news at a time when we need good news, and my Administration will continue to do all it can to bring good, dependable jobs to the state.''

Wow. This seems like good news to me. It' s too bad that some others don't think so. I am hoping that this will save the Stamford Center for the Arts. Better yet, it will mean more people eating, shopping, buying services and staying at our hotels--wow. I'm all for a thriving downtown as a result of welcoming NBC.

I've watched Jerry Springer once or twice. It's not the type of show I would TiVo, but I am sure there are some people who need a daily dose of Jerry. Somehow, when watching how horrible some people can treat each other it makes me think of how lucky I am that I am not them! Enough philosophizing. I would have bet money on it that it was all scripted, but a good source tells me those unlucky participants are the real deal--just nudged to the edge I suppose. Check out what Steven had to say and let me know what you think.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

g/r/a/n/d it is . . .

g/r/a/n/d. Yes it is.

And I couldn't believe that I hadn't been there before, and couldn't really explain why I hadn't. I guess when there are so many new and exiting restaurants that open every few months, and if you are person that doesn't get out much, you tend to go to the same old comfortable fav's or the newest place "to be seen". Well, I know that g/r/a/n/d has been around for awhile, but I just never got there. So, I was happy that all the restaurant week participants decided to extend till March 22, cause it gave me some extra time to talk my hubby into another night out on the town. His choice this time. This is when we had the opportunity to discover g/r/a/n/d. (I don't understand the slashes, but that's okay. If any one reading this knows why the slashes, please share.) This place has a new feel, it's chic, hip and brimming with music. I was surprised to find out that they have a schedule of bands that come and play, they have a DJ playing music most of the time and they have a nice open space for dancing. Check out their website. Anyhow, our dinner went well. We had a quiet table for two in the middle. Nice tall ceilings. We enjoyed watching the walls randomly turn colors. Very dramatic, and a cool feature. Close to our table was an interesting wall of hanging chains that separated the diners from the restrooms. Being curious, I used the facilities just to see what it would feel like to walk through them. Slinky and provocative.

The waitstaff was nicely attentive, and available all night. I ordered the signature dish of mac and cheese as an appy. Comfort food and comforting. We had lobster linguine and hanger steak with fries. The food was good. All of it was good. I'd go back.


Friday, March 20, 2009

The Honors- March 20th Public Charity Event

Hey, check this out at RackNRoll this weekend-

Artist: The Honors

Type of event: Public Charity Concert Series for Big Brothers Big Sisters & Red Lotus Productions Date: Friday, March 20th

Venue: The Rack 'N' Roll Cafe

Location: 268 Atlantic St, Stamford, CT 06901


Friday, March 13, 2009

Behind the Scenes with... Connecticut Cigar Company

What makes Connecticut Cigar special to Stamford Downtown? The co-owner himself, Nick, gives us an intimate view...

Describing the Connecticut Cigar Company in one sentence is not easy. There are several aspects to this unique business located in a charming, Turn of The Century building on historic Bank Street at 43 Bank.

Upon entering the retail location one will notice the marque of the business, their own brand of cigars, hand rolled on premises by their chief roller, who maintains his cigar rolling station in the front window - in full view of all amazed passerbys.

The cigars have turned into a favorite for many area cigar aficionado's and allows for other avenues of this business to flourish such as the C3 Lounge.

Located in the back half of the Connecticut Cigar Company, the C3 Lounge is everything a cigar lounge should be, cool, vibey, eloquent and comfortable. With leather couch seating for 25+ people, 2- 42 inch flat screen tvs and a constant shuffle of Blues, Jazz, Cuban/Latin, Trip Hop and FRANK SINATRA era classic music, one can't help but enjoy a cigar, the surroundings, the social setting and life in general. While it is a members lounge, non-members can frequent based on availability.

As entertaining as it is to stop into the Connecticut Cigar Company, the "show" goes on the road as well. Cigar Rolling has become quite the sensation at festive events... think weddings, special birthday parties, golf outings...etc. With his authentic look and unwrapped cigars in molds, the Cigar Roller's presence, along with the informative and knowledgeable attendant, leaves a very long lasting and memorable impression.

Here is the rest.

Peter Falcetti (partner), who grew up in a "Cigars represent celebrating life and all things good" environment, envisioned the concept of Connecticut Cigar Company. He wanted to recreate in downtown Stamford some of his favorite times in the NYC Cigar Lounges. This idea was then coupled with the "Cigar Roller on premises concept" after spending several afternoons on vacation in St. Marten fascinated by a local Cigar Roller.

Nick Casinelli (partner) enjoys and understands entertainment. After spending 20+ years as an executive in the music business, he decided to partner in the Connecticut Cigar Company. A very natural transition as smoking Cigars is not only about the quality of the Cigars but also about the quality of the company you smoke with and the environment you smoke the Cigar in.Stop by for a cigar you will enjoy.

Nick Casinelli
Connecticut Cigar Company
43 Bank Street
Stamford, CT. 06901
tel: 203 425 9668
fax: 203 425 2784
Website -


Letting Latin Lead

Visit Maria Fiora for a schedule.


Monday, March 9, 2009


Now through Sunday, March 22, Stamford Tables participating restaurants are offering special prix-fixe lunch & dinner menus at tempting prices. 14 downtown restaurants are extending Winter Restaurant Weeks including: Bennett’s Steak & Fish House, Black Bear Saloon, Chez Jean Pierre, Columbus Park Trattoria, Emme of Capri, Ferrante, g/r/a/n/d**, Kujaku Japanese Restaurant, Market Restaurant**, Mitchell’s Fish Market*, Mona Lisa Ristorante, Remo’s Brick Oven Pizza Company, SBC Restaurant & Brewery and Telluride.

All Winter Restaurant Weeks patrons will receive a $2.00 off General Admission voucher to the Avon Theatre Film Center valid for the month of March.

We hope to see you all during Stamford Tables Winter Restaurant Weeks. Patrons are encouraged to check menus on or call participating restaurants directly for further information. Reservations are strongly suggested.

*Lunch only - Mitchell's Fish Market
**Dinner only - g/r/a/n/d and Market Restaurant

Stamford Tables Winter Restaurant Weeks is presented by Stamford Downtown Special Services District in association with 95.9 The Fox, 96.7 The Coast and Avon Theatre Film Center. For more information or interviews with participating restaurants contact Jackie Wetenhall at 348-5285 or visit


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This little piggy went to Market

As Restaurant Weeks are almost at a close, I fear that there so many restaurants to experience and not enough time for me to celebrate. And even though it was super cold last night I dragged my hubby out for a some Downtown Dining. I figured I'd try a new place, so last night I went to Market Restaurant . Even though I did my research, and downloaded the participating Restaurant Week menus, I still wasn't 100% stuck on any one place or another. I wasn't sure what to expect, it being a special event, but Market ended up being a great choice. Market offers a 3-part meal. My favorite was the last part, and here's why...

Market was really in the spirit of celebrating this event. I say this because, well, I didn't really have a choice, their menu was ALL about it. Which I loved, actually. It was fun to know that everyone in the room was ordering the same way. Food was being served to others around me. I tried to peek at the table next to me, but I wasn't close enough. No luck there with helping me decide what to choose.
The ordering process was easy. I could choose one item from the left side and an item from the right. Simply, I had the clam chowder and the braised ribs. Okay, I have to admit, it was tasty. I don't usually like to order a meat that falls off the bone, and it was a nice change. It tasted just fine. When done, I figured I'd pass on dessert so I could "weigh in", without feeling too guilty. I thought I was done; dinner over and I'd ask for the check. But here's where the 3rd part of the meal comes in. Much to my surprise, an after-dinner cocktail was included with our 'Restaurant Week Special". Yahoo! It didn't take too long for me to decide: I ordered the Courvoisier, and if I wasn't having a good time before the 3rd part, I certainly was enjoying the evening afterwards. Huge shot. A warm addition to the frigid night. Loved it. P.S. Today, I friended Market on my Facebook. : )

Winter Restaurant Weeks end March 8.


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